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ESPN Analyst Shaka Hislop Faints and Collapses on Live TV, Gives Update On Health In New Video

Shaka Hislop, a former soccer player and current ESPN analyst, fainted and collapsed on live TV during pre-game coverage of a friendly between Real Madrid and AC Milan. Hislop also recently broke his silence on that terrifying moment with a video he uploaded to ESPN FC’s Twitter account. Here’s what happened to the retired goalkeeper and an update on how Hislop is doing now:

What happened to Shaka Hislop at the Real Madrid and AC Milan match?

Source: Screenshot from ESPN / The Independent

During pre-game broadcasting of a match between Real Madrid and AC Milan, Shaka Hislop made an appearance on-air, joined by co-host Dan Thomas. During the live program, the analyst and Thomas made conversation for a while before Shaka began swaying and ended up losing his equilibrium. The 52-year-old then fell forward and fainted, after which Thomas immediately began yelling Hislop’s name and saying “We need some help” before a few people rushed in to provide aid to the former goalie.

“Shaka is conscious. The medics are looking after him.”

Dan Thomas on Twitter a while after Shaka fainted live

Why did Shaka Hislop faint and is he okay now?

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Dan Thomas began updating fans on social media and live TV on the retired soccer player’s condition, mentioning that it was too early to make a diagnosis yet. We don’t know why Hislop fainted but we do know that he’s okay now thanks to Thomas’s statement which he made a halftime, live to viewers. He further mentions having conveyed the news to Shaka’s family and adding that, “Things are looking OK.”

“He’s conscious he’s talking. I think he’s a little embarrassed about it all he says he’s apologized profusely — not a man who likes people to make a fuss of him,” the co-host began on-air. “Obviously, far too early to make any sort of diagnosis but the important thing is that Shaka is conscious. And we spoke to his family as well, because you imagine seeing that happen live there can’t be many more things that can scare you amongst the family.”

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Shaka recently broke his silence on the subject, claiming that the incident acted as a wake-up call for him. “Every so often, life gives you a moment to pause. And this was mine. There’s so much I have to be thankful for,” began the ESPN analyst. “My response now is seek out the best medical attention I can get and listen to what my doctors have to say. In closing, I want to say thank to Dan and my ESPN family for responding in the way that they did and afforded me the guy that I got. Thank you.”