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Sherri Shepherd’s Talk Show Return Amid Industry Strikes: Addressing the Challenges and Resilience

Sherri Shepherd Says Talk Show Return Does Not Cross WGA Picket Line

Sherri Shepherd is taking a bold step back into the limelight. While some famous hosts, like Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher, changed their minds about coming back during industry strikes, Sherri Shepherd is sticking to her plan. Premiering its second season on Monday, September 18, Shepherd’s show not only marks a comeback but also a significant moment in the face of ongoing writers and actors strikes.

How Sherri Shepherd’s Talk Show Differs from Unionized WGA-Affiliated Shows amid Industry Strikes

In the midst of industry strikes, Sherri Shepherd highlights a key distinction about her talk show: it has never employed WGA writers.


Shepherd, a SAG-AFTRA actress herself, clarified that talk shows operate under a different union contract code, which permits them to continue unless they are WGA-affiliated. The Sherri show falls outside the WGA category and has always relied on Shepherd’s comedic talents for its content, ensuring their return doesn’t breach any picket lines.

Sherri Shepherd Expresses Solidarity with Striking Workers, Highlights Threat of AI in Industry

Source: Andrew Werner

Sherri Shepherd expressed solidarity with striking industry workers and their demand for better residuals. She also highlighted the threat of artificial intelligence potentially replacing actors and writers, emphasizing the irreplaceable human touch.

Produced by Lionsgate’s Debmar-Mercury, the show airs on Fox Television Stations and other networks, taking over The Wendy Williams Show’s slot. It’s filmed with a live studio audience at New York’s Chelsea Studios.