Here Are The Shows That Are Premiering Next Week

We bring you a summary of all the series that you’ve been waiting for so long, and is that next week will be loaded with spectacular releases. Take note of the release dates so you do not miss any and enjoy each of your trailers.

Supergirl, season 3

Supergirl, season 3
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We started with the girl with layer, supergirl, who will release her third season on October 9th.

In episode 2×22 we saw a flashback that took us, 35 years ago, to the day Krypton died. And it is then that we see mysterious Kryptonians introducing a baby into a ship and they sentence that it will arrive at the earth “and it will reign”. There was the key.

It is not another character than Reign, one of the great villains of DC Comics, who will face Kara in season 3 of ‘Supergirl’. In the comics, Reign is one of the five Worldkillers, allenenigenas captured by Kryptonians to experiment with them and turn them into powerful biological weapons. To interpret it, it has been announced the signing of the actress Odette Annable, who was protagonist of the film ‘The seed of the evil’ and whom more recently we have seen in the series ‘Pure genius’.

If you want to know more about what to expect this season we invite you to enjoy our post about what to expect in season 3 of supergirl.

The Flash, season 4

The Flash will be released on October 10th. The new season of The Flash will feature villain ‘The Thinker’, known as Clifford DeVoe; his appearance was revealed in the third season when Abra Kadabra started to mention all of Barry Allen’s nemesis: Thawne, Zoom, Savitar … and DeVoe.

In DC comics, DeVoe was a Keystone City lawyer who decided to make more money by committing crimes instead of punishing them. He is a skilful strategist and telekinesis is one of his great superpowers. In the comics, the Thinker was Jay Garrick’s Flash nemesis and became a founding member of the League of Injustice.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season 3

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, season 3

Will accompany The Flash on October 10th, with its opening chapter, which will be called “Aruba-Con”. Our heroes will come with new adventures in impossible situations, including a circus of phenomena.

The first episode will mark the debut of actor Billy Zane as the famous cirque artist P.T. Barnum, the jokes about the Titanic are everywhere, especially from the mouth of Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein), with whom Zane worked on the Oscar-winning film.

For its third season, in addition to the usual cast, Legends of Tomorrow signed actress Tala Ashe as Adrianna Tomaz, a new regular in the travel-time drama. In DC Comics, Tomaz has a common relationship with Shazam.

Riverdale, season 2

It will be released on October 11th and to the joy of fans, the official Twitter account of Archie Comics revealed that this new season consists of 22 new episodes.

For this new season its creator said:

The first season was a mystery of a murder: Who killed Jason Blossom? It was a crime that happened in the past. And until the end, it seems our characters were not in danger. They were snooping around a mystery, but it was not until the later episodes when they felt like ‘Oh my God, something really bad is going to happen’. The second season is still ‘noir’ and a crime but it’s more like a thriller and you feel like our characters take a lot more risks in a more visceral way. So I think it’s a more terrifying season that way.

Supernatural, season 13

Supernatural, season 13

The thirteenth installment will take place on October 12th and a lot of new things are expected for this new season.

On the one hand, Jack, the son of Lucifer, will be with Sam and Dean in the bunker of the Men of Letters. Also we will have a new Sheriff in the city, after the sacrifice of Crowley to save the brothers. And we even talk about a crossover with Scooby-Doo.

In addition, although many say that this will be the end for the Winchester brothers, the series has been renewed for a fourteenth season, so we can say that we will have Supernatural for a while.

Arrow, season 6

We finish this week of premieres on October 12th with season 6 of Arrow. Its first episode will be called ‘Fallout’.

For this new season Adrian’s creepy prophecy regarding Oliver’s son is ready to happen. Just before his death, the villain, who has been targeting Oliver for the past few seasons, says he will have Oliver’s son, William, see who his father really is.

You can also be ready to meet a new Star City villain, little known.