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Someone Gave Disney Characters Brutally Honest And Correct Names And It’s Hilarious

Disney characters should get their name changed. 

While you might think their names suit them perfectly. That might be because we have seen them with their respective names since we were kids so it is impossible for us to imagine them with anything different.

However, I assure you that the following names will soon start to make sense once you let them sink in. So just relax and take a look.

#1 Aladdin.

Via College Humor

Yes I know this is what many consider ‘fashion’ but lets be honest they look like giant ball sacks to put it politely.

#2 Snow White.

Snow White
Via College Humor

We see you Snow White with no nose. In our defense anyone who is noseless looks like Voldemort to us.

#3 The whole cast of Disney’s Robin Hood.

Disney's Robin Hood
Via College Humor

It is obvious that this is the case right?

#4 Pocahontas.

Via College Humor

Pocahontas definitely wins the sexy Voldemort award. To put it simply, theire weren’t many contenders.

#5 Philoctetes.

Via College Humor

I had no idea who he was so I Googled him. Turns out Disney just simply drew him as a cartoon character.

#6 Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse
Via College Humor

If you have ever seen a mouse, You know Mickey Mouse looks nothing like one and those are definitely not ears.

#7 King Triton.

King Triton
Via College Humor

Who is that old and has that much muscle? I need to know his diet and exercise regimen asap!

#8 Gaston.

Via College Humor

I am sure nobody can argue with me on this. He only needs to bleach his hair and a tiny bit of orange tan and Voila!

#9 Frollo.

Via College Humor

Do I even need to explain this one?

#10 Basil of Baker Street.

Basil of Baker Street
Via College Humor

Gosh darnnit this makes sense! (P.S Benedict Cumberbatch is still the sexiest human alive.)