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Star Wars: Amazing Cosplays Featuring The 501st Legion Will Amaze You!

The Star Wars fandom keeps churning out incredible cosplay after cosplay. The most recent one that has caught our attention on the internet is of a 501st ARC trooper in the middle of a battle, brought to us by ScreenRant. The 501st Legion is apparently quite an impressive organization of cosplayers with many chapters worldwide. However it is known that membership requires very on point costumes especially for clones and stormtroopers.

More about the ARC trooper cosplay:

Leon Thott Kennedy who is a photographer, shared an epic cosplay on Twitter which features the white and blue armor of an ARC trooper rushing into battle. It is presumably from the 501st Legion. The armor looks stunning, clearly capturing what it would look like if it came from a galaxy far far away. Thanks to visual effects, even the “pew-pew” looks incredibly realistic. Leon has credited Dave Pliachowski who was the model for the armor, and Boris FX who helped with the visuals. In addition to this, Kennedy has more mind-blowing cosplays up on his social media.

Jedi temple guards confronting a Sith assassin?

The Makaze Squad, which is the Florida chapter of the 501st Legion, posted another tremendous cosplay on Twitter featuring two Jedi temple guards ready to apprehend a Sith assassin known as the Asajj Ventress. The guards look very impressive and realistic with their double-bladed yellow lightsabers and embellished helmets, but the Ventress cosplay looks better with the Sith assassins Nightsister costume and matching hood just like the one she sported in The Clone Wars season 3.