10+ Times “Star Wars” Prequels Had Us Going “Dafuq”!!!!

To say that the Star Wars prequels are bad would be akin to doing the word “bad” itself a disservice. There are so many issues with these three movies that it is impossible to pick out one and dissect it.

So, we did the next best thing.

We listed a few of the most irksome that had us going, “WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!”

Here they go!

Dinner Goals!

Dinner Goals

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Damn Us If She Wasn’t Fiiiine!

Damn Us If She Wasn't Fiiiine

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Literally The Whole Movie!

Literally The Whole Movie

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Prequel Logic!

Prequel Logic

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Summing Up!

Summing Up

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Ewan McGregor Would Kick Anakin’s Ass Any Day. Oh Wait!

Ewan McGregor

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He Got the “D”?


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No Shit-Talking About Rey!

No Shit-Talking About Rey

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Damn That Creepy Shit!

Damn That Creepy Shit

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True AF!

True AF

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WTF Did He Show Them? His “Saber”!


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Let’s End it Right There!

Let's End it Right There

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This Would Have Been Infinitesimally Better!


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End of Story!

End of Story

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Aaaaaaannndd We’re Done!


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What are some of the most WTF things about the prequels that have always blown your minds?

Let us know in the comments below!