Starz Has Cancelled 4 Original TV Shows

As the months-long Writers’ Guild walkout appears to be nearing its conclusion, Starz has canceled four original series on its network – including one that had yet to air- presumably in an effort to prepare for the inevitable shakeup that will follow the strike.

What are the 4 recent shows that have been cancelled by Starz?


Among the canceled was a wrestling drama titled Heels, comedy Run the World, and dramedy Blindspotting – all of whom have recently completed their second seasons. Furthermore, the drama The Venery of Samantha Bird isn’t going to resume shooting after it was halted in the middle of its first season due to the WGA strike beginning in May.

Source: IMDB

The outgoing series had no shortage of star power. Heels (featuring Stephen Amell) was written by former Loki head writer Michael Waldron, Run the World was produced by Yvette Lee Bowser, and Blindspotting was co-created by Daveed Diggs. Samantha Bird’s Venery was set to star 13 Reasons Why alum Katherine Langford.


What are a few previous yet recent programs that have gotten axed by Starz?

Dropping four programs at once is not a a significant step for the cable network. Starz recently announced the end of long-running blockbuster Outlander, leaving the channel and its sibling streaming service mostly reliant on Power spinoffs and a few of other shows like horror comedy Shining Vale. (Staying with spin-offs, Starz has greenlit a 10-episode prequel series, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, from the original’s executive producers.)

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