Stephen Emery, Producer for Big Swell Entertainment, Unexpectedly Dead At 46

Film producer and executive Stephen Emery, known for working alongside Gale Anne Hurd and Bill Gerber and on films featuring actors like Clint Eastwood, Anna Kendrick, Liam Hemsworth, Aaron Eckhart and Liam Neeson, has passed away. Emery died tragically at the age of 46 years old, leaving the entertainment industry shocked and mourning his passing.

Source: Courtesy of Big Swell Entertainment / THR

How did Stephen Emery pass away?

Big Swell Entertainment CEO Andy Horwitz broke the news to THR, saying that Emery died Saturday shortly after a workout in a Los Angeles gym. He had recently joined the production company, which began operations in October. Donations can be contributed in his honor to the No Kill Los Angeles/Best Friends Animal Society. His parents, Jan and Tony; siblings Shawn and Paul; longtime girlfriend Chloe; and dog Jasper are among his survivors.

“Everyone that had the pleasure to know Stephen Emery is heartbroken over the sudden loss of one of our own. Stephen was much more than an invaluable producer, he was also an irreplaceable friend. His passion for film was outweighed only by his passion for life, and he lived every day like it was his last. We will miss his adventurous spirit, his loyal friendship and his genuine love for life. Rest in peace, brother.”

Andy Horwitz
Source: IMDb

Stephen Emery: History As An Incredible Producer

Emery was the head of cinema and television at The Solution Entertainment Group until joining Big Swell in 2016. He was essential in the development, packaging, and production of film and television projects. He co-produced Netflix’s Wheelman (2017), directed by Jeremy Rush and featuring Frank Grillo, and exec produced Killerman (2019), created by Malik Bader and starring Hemsworth. Stephen was also the co-producer of Line of Duty (2019),  Honest Thief (2020), and Werewolves, an upcoming film that was directed by Steven C. Miller and stars Grillo. 

He also supervised Aeon Flux (2005) for Paramount as a production executive at Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures. He later led Gerber’s Warner Bros.-based company, which produced films like Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino (2008). From 2008 to 2015, Emery was Circle of Confusion’s executive vp production and development, where he ended up exec producing Mr. Right (2005), featuring Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, and Satanic (2016) which starred Sarah Hyland.