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Steve-O Didn’t Like Watching ‘Jackass Forever’ And Here’s Why

Best known for the MTV series Jackass and its film spin-offs, Steve-O is an American entertainer and stuntman. Recently, he sat down for an interview with MNE and talked about all things Jackass Forever including how he thought it was a “bummer” to watch the film back. He then talked about his buddy Bam Margera who was banned off the set this time around due to him allegedly not following the filmmakers wellness guidelines, and his disappointment about his own stunts in the film.

Why did Steve-O think it wasn’t fun to watch ‘Jackass Forever’?

Even though this film was a huge box office hit grossing $80 million worldwide, fan favorite Steve-O says watching his friend, Johnny Knoxville, get hurt isn’t fun anymore and that it’s become a genuine concern for him.

After suffering a concussion, brain hemorrhage, broken wrist, and rib in a bull-running stunt that sent him to the hospital, Knoxville told Entertainment Weekly last year that he was officially done with bull-running. In Jackass Forever though, he’s seen doing it again and suffering horrible brain damage. This scene shifted Steve-O’s perspective on Jackass Forever and apparently even made him write a text to Knoxville and the crew about it.

“This last Jackass movie… it was kind of a bummer, man. It’s not fun to watch Knoxville get hit in the head anymore. I wrote this text to the whole cast that day, thanking Knoxville for the sacrifices he’s made for this team, and also begging that he stops with the brain trauma. It was one of my more serious and sincere messages.”


What did Steve-O say about his own stunts in ‘Jackass Forever’ & Bam Magera?

In the interview Steve-O expressed some disappointment about Machine Gun Kelly’s special guest appearance in Jackass Forever and their stunts together. In the scene, Steve-O and MGK pedaled stationary bikes until a giant foam hand knocked them into a pool. While the scene was amusing, Steve-O felt that it was underwhelming compared to how the Jackass crew used to push the limits. “I love Machine Gun Kelly; I just wish the actual stunt we had him participate in had been at a higher level,” commented the stuntman.

Bam Margera was fired from Jackass Forever due to a public feud with the filmmakers. He was hired on the condition that he abide by wellness guidelines, including mandatory drug testing, but he allegedly did not. Steve-O talks about how he tried his best to encourage his former co-star to embrace sobriety but his efforts weren’t fruitful. “I owe everything to my sobriety, and I really made an effort to encourage Bam to choose sobriety,” he adds. “It’s a shame that you can’t make people want to get better. He’s not going to get better because I want him to get better, and I can’t make him want to get better. If he ever does choose recovery then, man, I’m here for him.”