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Steven Tyler, Aerosmith Frontman and Maui Resident, Invites Tourists Back to the Island

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Urges Tourists To Return To Maui

During the kickoff of Aerosmith’s farewell tour, the iconic singer Steven Tyler took a heartfelt moment to share a meaningful message. As a homeowner on the beautiful island of Maui, Tyler urged the concert audience not to hesitate in returning to this tropical paradise. He not only celebrated the band’s farewell tour but also also extended a warm invitation to tourists to rediscover the charms of Maui.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Calls for Maui’s Revival During Farewell Tour Kickoff


Speaking at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Steven Tyler urged the audience to connect Lahaina with south Maui and shared his message just before the band launched into their hit, “Dream On.” He also mentioned that “Paia and Hana” remain untouched by fires and are vibrant places to experience love and adventure, emphasizing that these beautiful spots are open and thriving.

Steven Tyler’s Call to Enhance Maui’s Beauty Amid Recovery

Source: Lisa Lake/Getty Images

“Everything’s beautiful, except we gotta come there and make it more beautiful, OK?”

Steven Tyler

Hawaii officials had previously discouraged tourists from visiting the island during its healing process. Now, they’ve reversed their guidance to kickstart the recovery of this tourism-dependent destination.