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Hit Taiwanese Horror Comedy ‘Marry My Dead Body’ Joins Netflix

'Marry My Dead Body' Premieres On Netflix

Prepare for a thrilling blend of horror and comedy as Netflix brings the popular Taiwanese film, “Marry My Dead Body.” This smash-hit sensation, loved by audiences in Taiwan, is now set to captivate viewers worldwide as the streaming giant acquires the exclusive rights to the film. It is scheduled to be released on August 10.

Taiwan’s Box Office Hit ‘Marry My Dead Body’ Explores Fantasy, Supernaturalism, and LGBTQ Themes

Source: Netlix

Hsu Kuang Han and Austin Lin lead the cast of the sensational film, “Marry My Dead Body,” which skillfully weaves together elements of fantasy, supernaturalism, and LGBTQ themes. Since its release in February, the movie has taken Taiwan by storm, grossing an impressive $11.5 million (NTD 360 million) and securing the top spot for Chinese-language films in the first half of 2023.

Notably, it recently won the best screenplay award at the 25th Taipei Film Festival and received nominations for best actor and best visual effects, further cementing its acclaim and recognition in the industry.

Supernatural Journey Unfolds in ‘Marry My Dead Body’ Directed by Cheng Wei-hao

Source: IMDb

Directed by Cheng Wei-hao, “Marry My Dead Body” spins a captivating tale featuring Wu Ming-Han (Hsu Kuang Han), a heterosexual and ghost-fearing policeman. When Wu accidentally becomes entangled in a ghost marriage after picking up a red envelope, he is compelled to wed Mao Pang-Yu (Austin Lin), who died under mysterious circumstances.

Together, they must overcome their differences, unite in solving the case, and seek justice for Mao, embarking on an emotionally charged journey. Gingle Wang co-stars as a policewoman in this film, produced by Calendar Studios, which premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in November.