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Ashley Judd Narrates #TextMeWhenYouGetHome Season 2, Helen Hunt Returns for Meet Marry Murder on Lifetime!

Lifetime Announces Two Developments In Popular Shows!

There has been an exciting update from Lifetime as they announce new developments in two of their popular series. The acclaimed true-crime show, “#TextMeWhenYouGetHome,” is returning for a second season, with the talented Ashley Judd as the new narrator to guide viewers through chilling investigations.

Additionally, the thrilling series “Meet Marry Murder” will be back with seven new episodes, offering an exciting conclusion to its first season. Adding to the excitement, Academy Award winner Helen Hunt will be the narrator for these gripping episodes.

Source: Lifetime

Season 2 of #TextMeWhenYouGetHome Premieres with Gripping Cases

Season 2 of #TextMeWhenYouGetHome delves into cases where women faced abduction, harm, or even murder during seemingly ordinary days. The intense back-to-back episodes begin airing on August 7 at 8p/7c, followed by new episodes of Meet Marry Murder at 10/9c.

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Inspired by a viral movement sparked by the tragic death of Sarah Everard, this series explores the vulnerability and lack of safety women experience while alone in public. Through emotional interviews and evidence, the episodes unfold like a whodunnit, exploring all suspects until the true perpetrator is caught. Produced by AMS Pictures, with Lifetime’s Amy Winter and Nicole Vogel as executive producers.

Meet Marry Murder Returns with Thrilling New Episodes, Narrated by Helen Hunt

Source: Lifetime

Helen Hunt narrates the return of Meet Marry Murder, featuring seven new episodes exploring chilling cases of spouses who meet sinister fates at the hands of their partners. Investigators piece together these real-life stories, revealing the cracks behind seemingly perfect relationships. This series contains unimaginable tales of lost love, a glamorous life turned violent, a messy divorce involving a teenage hitman, and a web of lies.

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Produced by First Look TV, with executive producer Will Hanrahan and Lifetime’s Amy Winter, Brie Miranda Bryant, Nicole Vogel, and Shura Davison.

Lifetime aims to deliver more suspense, intrigue, and unforgettable stories with these renowned narrators on board.