The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Is Here, Find Out What To Expect

After the tenth season, it’s time for the fans to wonder what will happen in season 11 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, especially when we have their premiere in a few hours.

Luckily for all of us, Steve Molaro, executive producer and showrunner of the series, has gone through the microphones of Variety. During the interview he reviewed the season that has just ended and above all, revealed some details of the new season.

Troubles in paradise

To begin with, Howard’s relationship with his father along with the new challenge of being a parent will put Howard and Bernadette’s life on their feet. The appearance of the engineer’s father is one of the most awaited parts of the plot by the fans. As for the tumultuous marriage relationship of Penny and Leonard, Steve Molaro stated that although fans think that both will eventually divorce, “they will still try to fix things.”

Troubles in paradise
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Therefore the showrunner confirmed that there will be domestic disputes throughout this new season. It seems that crisis is coming and fat for this fun couple.

Sheldon and Amy will fight for their relationship despite the distance

As for Sheldon and Amy, fans can expect the two to fight for their relationship. Amy is expected to complete her three-month stay at Princeton; In addition Molaro has pointed out a detail about Sheldon’s surprise proposal during the end of last season; After Ramona kissed him, Sheldon got on a plane and went to see Amy. When she opened the door, he was on her knees, holding an engagement ring for her. So Amy has yet to give an answer to her boyfriend.

Sheldon and Amy will fight for their relationship despite the distance
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The beginning of the new season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

In conversation with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Steve Molaro said he does not officially know how the new season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ starts. He is evaluating possible scenarios and only after three weeks of rest will he decide the best introduction with his team. Of course, he recognized that he is very excited.

“It feels good to know that this season premiere will start at such an explosive point for the series. That’s great”

The Big Bang Theory
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And what about you? What are you expecting in this new season?