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The Black Demon: An Interview With Josh Lucas Ahead Of 19th June UK Release

Star of ‘Ford v Ferarri’, Josh Lucas, recently talked about his newest movie ‘The Black Demon’ in an exclusive interview with THN ahead of its release in the United Kingdom on June 19th. It is a science fiction horror thriller film written by Boise Esquerra and directed by Adrian Grünberg which follows a family dealing with a vengeful megalodon shark. He discussed why this film is different than other movies about sharks, and how it provides the watcher with a deeper meaning.

Why is ‘The Black Demon’ different than other shark films?

Firstly, whenever people hear the words ‘shark movie’ they expect a specific over the top type of film, but ‘The Black Demon’ is also a cautionary tale about American corporations. Another thing that makes it different is that it actually has a legend behind it. The fishermen of Baja have this “this real sense of fear that lives in their minds” according to Josh Lucas. “I’ve seen some documentaries and spoken to some people down in Baja, who claim to have seen it. It’s been kind of haunting the territory of Baja and the fishermen of Baja for hundreds of years”, he added.

Another thing that sets this movie apart is how the director “Adrian [Grunberg]… had the very smart idea to add the mythology of the God” who is supposedly “angry” at what’s going on in the world in regards to climate change.

 “An Angry God mad at what’s going on in climate change and human responsibility for climate change, and then throws in corporate America and oil companies. All of that is based in truth. It’s all based in what really happened in the early part of the deregulation of the Trump Administration with the oil industry and that they allowed these really rinky-dink small oil rigs to be built at high speed off the coast of Baja Mexico”

Josh Lucas about this film’s “interesting concept”

What does Josh Lucas have to say about his character ‘Paul’?

We all know that Josh’s character Paul is a very morally conflicted guy. The Hollywood News referred to him as “essentially a Carte Burke from ‘Aliens’ type, only with a soul” after which Josh added that it was “great analogy.” He further comments that “I think that going into any character where you’re playing the obvious hero who saves the day [isn’t realistic]. In reality, as human beings, I don’t think we ever know how we’re going to respond in a situation that is that fraught.”

When asked about why he thinks viewers should opt for ‘The Black Demon’ instead of any other generic shark firm Lucas commented, “The film is about a cauldron of other things, sort of colliding at the same time.” He further joked that he did the movie partially because he hoped his son would find it cool.