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Iceman’s Death May Be The Catalyst For The Story Of Top Gun 3


Top Gun: Maverick was a huge success that no one could have predicted. Nobody could have anticipated what Top Gun: Maverick would bring us after fans waited more than a decade after the original classic hit. After all, most people assumed it would be a cash grab based on nostalgia rather than an interesting story. But the latter is exactly what happened, and this franchise may not be coming to an end anytime soon.

With this franchise’s billion-dollar success, there is no doubt that a third instalment will be made. At this point, it is unknown when it will begin or what story it will tell. The ending of Top Gun: Maverick and Iceman’s death, on the other hand, has already provided fans with all the hints they need to speculate about the story and which story beat makes the most sense going forward.


We saw Tom Cruise’s character training up Goose’s son.

The relationship between Rooster and Maverick evolves throughout the film. After all, it was his rescue of Rooster at the end of the mission that earned Maverick his forgiveness. What this could mean for the franchise’s future is obvious. After all, before Iceman is led to his death, he says that the Navy and Rooster both need Maverick.

While Rooster is now shown to be a decorated graduate, Top Gun 3 may focus on his character more than Tom Cruise’s character. With the story of Penny and Mverick, he now has a reason to retire, which makes sense if Rooster takes over as his protege. However, the third film will need to discuss drones and the impact they have had on pilots. If they continue to overlook this crucial detail, these films will not be as realistic as they claim to be.


So, at the end of the day, Iceman’s advice could be the catalyst for the plot of the next movie, which will inevitably be announced sometime in the near future.