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‘The Idol’ Starring Lily-Rose Depp Sparked Controversy At Cannes Film Festival


Nobody expected the first two episodes of a series to air during the Cannes Film Festival, but that is exactly what happened. Along with hard-hitting and critical darling films like Zone of Interest, audiences got to see a show that has left many people perplexed as to where it is going. It is being spearheaded by Sam Levinson, the showrunner of Euphoria, so people will already have a sense of what this show will bring to the table.

The Idol, starring Lily-Rose Depp, is supposed to be about exploitation, and The Weekned as Tedros will play an important role in the show as well. The show takes no prisoners and isn’t afraid to discuss controversial topics or bring to light what showbiz is all about, even if the celebrity in question suffers as a result. However, viewers have only seen the first two episodes of the show, and they have yet to learn what the main story thread will be.

The Idol has been called “The stuff of a toxic man’s fantasy.”


It’s always a bit suspicious when shows try to market themselves as edgy. What are they trying to prove? This obvious effort to make The Idol appear controversial took an ironic turn. The show, initially billed as an exploration of the seedy underbelly of Hollywood and the music industry, became what it tried to satirise.

Instead of subtly skewering the misogynistic and predatory nature of the business, The Idol became a forbidden love story — the stuff of a toxic man’s fantasy.

Lovia Gyarkye

While many critics have described the show as sexualized beyond reason and for no other reason than to attract viewers, others have described it as riveting and depicting Hollywood’s seedy underbelly. HBO has always been fine with shows that show a lot of nudity, but many people believe that this is a step too far for HBO.

You can form your own opinion and watch the show when the first episode is released internationally on June 4th.