The “Incredibles 2” Characters Have Been Revealed And We’re On The Moon With Happiness!

Incredibles 2

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In case you’ve been in a cave and/or living under a rock (we ain’t judging!), you may have been remiss of the fact that the sequel to the 2004 Pixar masterpiece The Incredibles is releasing this year.

Now that you’re out of the cave, let us now dig deeper (pun intended, of course)

The Incredibles II will be set immediately after the events of the first movie, where the incredible Parr family learns that their youngest Jack-Jack has a plethora of amazing superpowers.

The story takes a radical departure from that of the first one; which had superheroes struggling to keep their super-identities under a shroud of mystery. This movie will see Elastigirl taking up the movement to unite all superheroes. This will mean that a role-reversal of sorts is all but guaranteed with Mr. Incredible now taking the reins of the household and raising the kids.

Pixar has taken a leaf out of the viral sensation that is the new Google Arts and Culture App which allows one to take a selfie which the app then runs through its database and matches with a culturally significant face, be that an artist or a painting.

Check out all the major characters from The incredibles II below:

1. Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

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The ever-incredible Bob sees his role turned around this time for an entirely new challenge: managing the kids and the household.

2. Elastigirl


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The matriarch of the Parr family sees herself in an elevated role this time ’round!

3. Edna Mode

Edna Mode

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The designer to the top superheroes around the world. She hates capes, tho!

4. Frozone


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Bob’s best friend and always ready to bring out his supersuit!

5. Violet


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The ever-eager-to-fight-crime, Violet Parr.

6. Dash


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The incredibly fast and energetic Dash Parr.

7. Newcomer Winston

Newcomer Winston

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He created a giant telecommunications company alongside his sister and is very supportive of the superheroes.

8. Also a Newcomer, Evelyn


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She’s the brilliant sister of Winston and co-created their telecommunications company.

9. Ambassador


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The Ambassador wants the superheroes to come forth and out of hiding for good.

10. Rick


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He’s a returning character who has helped the Parrs keep their identities safe and hidden for all those years.

11. And Finally, Voyd


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She is a wannabe superhero and idolizes Elastigirl.

The movie releases June 15. 2018.

Let us know how excited you are for it and how do you like these characters in the comments below!