The Joker Will Have Its Own Spin-Off, Produced By Martin Scorsese

Nothing more and nothing less than the very Martin Scorsese is going to produce for Warner Bros. a new spin-off of the adventures of Batman, centered this time in the origin of its eternal archenemy, the Joker. Todd Phillips, director of ‘The Hangover’, as well as producing with Scorsese, will be in charge of directing and will co-write the libretto in four hands with Scott Silver, an 8-mile screenwriter.

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What can we expect

It seems that the intention of the study is that this new film is part of a new line of the super heroic division of Warner. The tapes that are part of it may include stories alien to the “canon” DC and their main characters could be interpreted by actors other than those customary for such roles; something similar to what in the world of the vignette in Detective Comics is known as elseworlds -other worlds.

At the level of tone and ambience, the feature film will be treated under the prism of the most raw and adult criminal thriller, and its history will be in Gotham in the late 70’s / early 80’s, taking as main referents Scorsese classic of the time like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Wild Bull’.

Harley Quinn

This spin-off in particular will not include Harley Quinn, however is on the way another Spin-off that will treat the romance betweenThe Joker and Harley Quinn, this is the Spin-off Suicide Squad, which will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, known for films like Crazy Stupid Love and La La Land.

Harley Quinn
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That Spin-off will treat the relationship Harley-The Joker with a tone of history of criminal love, a crazy and twisted love story. The characters will be played by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, as in Suicide Squad.

More details

Returning to the Spin-off that interests us in this opportunity, it seems that the script is already in the process of writing and, for the moment, has not transcended more information about dates.

More details
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What we do know is that Jared Leto will not give life back to Prince Clown of Crime, and that he will be replaced by a probably younger actor.

We will look forward to new news on this real bombing that we cannot wait to see materialized as soon as possible. Stay tuned, knowing we will let you know!