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Sequel to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Has a Release Date & Horror Fans All Over the World Are Pumped

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In 2018, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” will be celebrating 25 years of its release. Recently. It was announced that the stop-motion animation adventure will be getting a sequel of some sort but the details were kept deliberately vague.

Now, Tokyopop, a publisher of anime, manga, and comic-books and its founder Stu Levy has said that it will start publishing the sequel to the movie in a comic-book format, starting May 2018.

It will be based around Jack Skellington’s ghost dog, Zero, and his adventure around ‘Christmas Town’.

“Let’s fetch the sequel, Zero!”

Let’s fetch the sequel, Zero

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Levy, who’s writing the script under the name D.J Milky, revealed the details during a Disney Manga panel at New York Comic Con.

“What happens is that Zero gets lost, as dogs do,” Levy explained, hinting at what to expect. “And along the way he gets into a lot of trouble, as dogs do.”

The sequel will be in comic book-style, and not as an animated. Named “Zero’s Journey”, it’ll be published monthly.

Levy further added:

“We’re gonna have 20 issues total, and then just like with a comic, we’re also going to have a trade paperback. We’re gonna have four total trade paperbacks-you guys should all be writing all this down. The first trade paperback will come out next Halloween, so one year from now, the first trade paperback will be available.”

“Let there be Lights, Jack!”

Let there be Lights, Jack

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The original released in 1993 and though it wasn’t a huge commercial success, became an instant critical darling, and was the first ever animated movie to have been nominated for an Oscar for Visual Effects.

Needless to say, we’re mighty pumped by the prospect of returning to Christmas Town and Halloween Town.

“Time to Make Merry Again!”

Time to Make Merry Again

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What are your thoughts on this development? Excite to get a copy of the sequel as soon as it comes out?
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