The Walking Dead: Rick Encourages War In The New Promo For Season 8

The 8th season premiere of The Walking Dead is just around the corner, it will be on October 22th when it premieres. Now we can see a new teaser trailer starring Rick who does not hesitate to encourage his troops before the confrontation against Negan.

The 8th season premiere of The Walkin
Via: Bleeding Cool

The fiction is in one of the most difficult times we have seen the protagonists, the total war will begin and will face the, at the moment, unique survivors of the zombie apocalypse, which side will win? Who will die in this fight?

The promo

The official account of The Walking Dead on Instagram (@amcthewalkingdead) has published a new promo of the eighth season in which we see Rick encouraging, I guess, his friends and allies, to fight in the war that faces them Negan and the Saviors. It also lets us see a first glimpse of him and Daryl teaming up again and we discovered how much we grew Judith Grimes from the last time we saw her.

The previous season served as an anteroom for what we will see now, although we spent each chapter wishing and almost cheering for something to happen, the time has come. The eighth season of The Walking Dead paints, a priori, very well, and that means that we will see more than one character fall, the question is, whom?