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Crew Member Strikes Warner Bros. with Lawsuit After Lightning Incident on ‘The Winchesters’ Set

‘The Winchesters’ Crewmember Sues Warner Bros. Over Lightning Strike

A crew member’s terrifying ordeal on the set of ‘The Winchesters’ has sparked a lawsuit against Warner Bros. In a disturbing incident amid harsh weather, lightning struck the crew member during filming.

Now, Warner Bros. faces legal action, accused of neglecting safety protocols. Plaintiff Bryan DeLorenzo seeks damages for physical injuries, pain, and emotional distress. This lawsuit also implicates The CW Network and executive producer Jensen Ackles, famous for ‘Supernatural,’ the precursor to ‘The Winchesters.’

Details of Lightning Strike Incident on The Winchesters Set: Lawsuit Unveils Safety Concerns


Director John Showalter is at the center of a lawsuit due to a frightening incident on set. The complaint, filed on Thursday, highlights a heavy rainstorm during filming. Allegedly, Showalter altered the scene to be shot in the rain and insisted on continuing despite safety concerns. Bryan DeLorenzo, a crew member, was next to a camera when lightning struck him, rendering him unconscious. This has prompted a legal case against Warner Bros. and others, raising questions about on-set safety protocols.

Production Safety Rules Ignored: Lawsuit Reveals Violations on The Winchesters Set

Source: Matt Miller/The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

Despite the established safety rules requiring production shutdown if lightning strikes within a six-mile radius, Bryan DeLorenzo, a crew member on The Winchesters, alleges that the filming continued, leading to his lightning strike incident. DeLorenzo had previously sought guidance on weather-related safety from Warner Bros., but instead of adherence to protocols, he was advised to buy weather apps and lightning detectors, according to court documents.