These Billboards To Promote The New Grinch Movie Are Roasting Famous Cities Of US

Sometimes, all you want to do is tear down that wall of composure and burn it into flames!

That’s what people do to you. They just know how to get on your nerves because they have nothing better to do. They make you want to do the evilest of things and react in ways you have never reacted before. 

In easier words, you want to be more like the Grinch! Which reminds me, have you guys checked out the new Grinch movie? If not, then its out and running since November 10th. And it was a huge success!

Moreover, if they owe this success to anybody, then it’s those nefarious billboards they put up all over the city. So I suggest, you should also get into the Christmas spirit and hit the cinemas right away!

Check out some of the black-hearted billboards below:

“Rude. Loud. Angry. New Yorkers are my kinda people.”

Nicole Randall

“Stop moving to Los Angeles, it’s full.”

Universal Studios

“I put gluten in your smoothie.”

Universal Studios

 “I hope I’m ruining your photos.”

David Phat

“Another remake? Hope you’re proud, Hollywood.”

Universal Studios

“Resting Grinch Face.”


“Keep honking. it will make everything go faster.”


“Your date is just here for the popcorn.”


“Oh, you’re just trying to make it in Hollywood? Let me know how that goes.”

Melissa K. Allingham ‏

“I love it when this light turns green and nobody moves.”


“I could watch you crawl down the LIE all day.”

Universal Studios

“Good luck getting those Hamilton tickets.”

Universal Studios

“Keep picking your nose…”

Universal Studios

“I’m sure you’ll catch the next one.”

Universal Studios

“Seriously, another day of sunshine?”

Universal Studios

“Hope you don’t miss that audition.”

Patrick Dougall

“No, I don’t want to go to your off-Broadway play.”

Zayna Quader

“Hope you weren’t planning on retiring any time soon.”

Universal Studios

“Of course you’ll make it as an actor.”

Universal Studios

“New Yorkers totally get me.”

Olivia Stapleton

“I was told this billboard would be San-Francisco adjacent.”

Universal Studios

“You’re the second city? Must stink not to be the first.”

Universal Studios

“I’ve seen windier cities.”

Universal Studios

“Cool app idea dude.”

Universal Studios

“Rent is so cheap here.”

Universal Studios

“I love watching tourists try to hail a cab.”

David Phat

“Maybe today you’ll find a shortcut to the 10.”

Universal Studios

“You’re never gonna make it to yoga class.”

Universal Studios

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