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5+ Things That You Might Have Missed In The Lion King

Ready for a nostalgia hit?

Well, we have just the drug for you. (We do not endorse drugs of any kind.) I am sure most if not all of you have seen The Lion King. However, that does not mean you know all the ‘hidden’ little things in it.

And no I am not talking about the apparent ‘SFX’ written in smoke. We have all heard that before. These are the things that you might have missed in the first viewing or the 10th.

We are aware that the remake is coming so let’s go back to our childhood and enjoy this masterpiece once again. Scroll on below and take a look at all the things you might have missed.

Source: Disney


#1 Yes that is one of those infamous and elusive hidden mickeys. 

Don’t see it? How about a close-up? 


#2 I am sure everyone knows about the classic move of Nala.

Since that is how Simba realizes it is Nala later on.

And ultimately that is how he wins against Scar at the end.

#3 Did you know that James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair play Mufasa and Sarabi?

And those of you were not surprised who saw the movie Coming to America.

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#4 All of us are aware of the fact that Disney loves their cameos. From Hercules to…

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The Bugs Life, Lion King is everywhere. 

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#5 Ever notice that usually, most lions don’t have their claws out? 

Well, except for Scar of course since he is always prepared.

#6 Ever wondered why at the end of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” Zazu gets sat on by a rhino and he calls the rhino Madam? (Probably because he got well acquainted by her ahem… ladyparts by then.)

#7 Ignoring the magic carpet and Belle for a second, do you see the ‘dead’ Pumba? Don’t worry it is only a reference. 

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#8 Let’s not forget the hilarious line “THEY CALL ME MISTER PIG!” at the end. 

Well, If you saw The Heat of the Night, you know this was a parody of the infamous line “They call me Mister Tibbs.”

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#9 While the movie has such clear inspiration from Hamlet; It also bears a few references to Shakespeare’s work. 

Especially when Pumba says that stars are just burning balls of gas. 

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#10 The song ‘Be Prepared’ sung by Scar won’t be in the remake. Can you guess why?

Well, it could be because the visual side of it was ‘inspired’ by the Nazi’s formations.

Via BusinessInsider

Especially the columns of the lights. 

Maybe Disney doesn’t want to do that again.

Via Wikimedia Commons

#11 Can you hear the soft version of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in the background? Clever bit of foreshadowing if I say so myself.

Did you know all of these things already or were they a huge surprise? Comment down below and let us know.