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Ticketmaster To Implement A 72-Hour Rule To Block Olivia Rodrigo’s Tour Tickets Being Resold Unfairly

Ticketmaster has announced a new 72-hour policy for Olivia Rodrigo’s new tour. With the anticipated demand for the Guts concert, the process is likely to add yet another layer of confusion on top of the already chaotic pre-sale situation.

Olivia Rodrigo ‘Guts’ Tour Ticket Info & New Ticketmaster Policy:

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It has now been announced that  purchased tickets for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts tour will be released only 72 hours before the concert date, regardless of when they were originally purchased, and will only be available electronically. For fans to even have the chance at securing tickets, they already have to jump through multiple hoops. First, they had to register their interest through Ticketmaster, and then received only limited invitations.

Those invitations, with verified codes, did not guarantee the purchase of tickets, though. Instead, the ability to buy them was determined by “supply and demand,” according to Ticketmaster, and the show sold out quickly. Since demand exceeds availability, fans who registered for the presale are on a waitlist in the event that additional shows are added.

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“Delivery delays are commonly used by artists to allow for a thorough review of the sale and to ensure all purchasers have adhered to ticket limits and terms.”

A statement from Ticketmaster

Why did Ticketmaster enforce a 72-hour policy?


This decision is the company’s latest attempt to address the predatory secondary market. It follows the huge difficulty fans had attempting to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour last autumn, when systems failed and fans had to wait online for hours, sometimes in vain. Tickets reached five figures on the secondary market, and the clamor was so loud that the chief financial officer of Ticketmaster’s parent business Live Nation, Joe Berchtold, was summoned before Congress.