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Tom Cruise Reveals: “I Make Mass Entertainment” to Director Christopher McQuarrie

Director Chris McQuarrie Recalls Good Times With Tom Cruise

In a candid conversation, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise confided in director Christopher McQuarrie, expressing that he makes mass entertainment. This intriguing statement raises a thought-provoking question: What does it take to captivate and entertain audiences on a grand scale?

McQuarrie, known for collaborating with Cruise on successful films like the Mission: Impossible series, disclosed this insight during an interview with The Times newspaper.

McQuarrie States That Tom Cruise Does Not View Artistry and Entertainment as Mutually Exclusive

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In a project centered around a wartime mission to assassinate Hitler, Tom Cruise recognized the need for additional funding to complete the film. To appeal to a wide cinema-going audience, he decided to modify the script accordingly. Director Christopher McQuarrie emphasized that Cruise does not view artistry and entertainment as mutually exclusive, challenging the notion that critical acclaim is solely determined by Oscars.

Additionally, Cruise revealed the weirdest story he had heard about himself, dispelling the myth that people on set were prohibited from making eye contact with him.

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Simon Pegg Reveals Tom Cruise’s Pandemic Concerns and On-Set Incident

Simon Pegg, a frequent co-star and friend of Tom Cruise, shed light on the actor’s passionate response during an incident on the set of the seventh Mission: Impossible movie. Pegg explained that Cruise’s meltdown towards a crew member who violated social distancing rules was fueled by his determination to support the film industry during the pandemic.

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Aware of the potential consequences of the virus, Cruise feared its impact on cinemas and was driven to protect the industry he holds dear.