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Travis Barker’s Health Update: Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis Shared on Instagram

Travis Barker Contracts COVID-19 During Blink 182 Tour!

Travis Barker, the famous musician and drummer, has used Instagram to share an important health update with his fans. At 47 years of age, Barker posted a photo displaying a positive Covid-19 test result, accompanied by emojis conveying his physical discomfort. This announcement has brought attention to Barker’s current health condition and has led to concern and well-wishes from his devoted followers.

Travis Barker Reflects on Blink-182 Reunion and Brotherhood Amidst Health Struggles

Source: Instagram

In a recent video shared on the band’s YouTube account, Travis Barker reflected on reuniting with his bandmates Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge. He questioned why it often takes unfortunate events, such as plane crashes or illness, for the band to come together. Barker expressed a strong belief in the enduring brotherhood that defines Blink-182, emphasizing that Blink is represented by the three original members. He sees this unity as the key to the band’s future.

Blink-182’s Upcoming Portugal Show and Album Release Date

Source: Courtesy of This Is Just A Test Media

Blink-182’s upcoming performance is scheduled for October 2nd at Portugal’s Altice Arena. This date is a significant part of the band’s promotional efforts for their forthcoming album, slated for release on October 20th. Fans were treated to a new single, “One More Time,” which made its debut on Thursday.