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Tribeca Festival Presents ‘De Niro Con’ In Honor Of Robert De Niro’s 80th Birthday

Tribeca Festival's 'De Niro Con' Celebrates Robert De Niro's 80th Birthday.

Robert De Niro has significantly influenced the landscape of modern cinema as one of the co-founders of the Tribeca Festival. He has played some of the most well-known characters in movie history during his storied career, enthralling viewers with his incomparable talent, adaptability, and mesmerizing presence on screen. De Niro’s performances have continuously made an imprint on the business and won him broad recognition in gritty dramas and exciting crime sagas.

“De Niro Con” – A Legendary Tribute

Tribeca Festival pays homage to the legendary Robert De Niro. Known as “De Niro Con,” this three-day celebration will immerse you in the world of a cinematic icon. From September 29th to October 1st, film screenings, engaging panel discussions, mesmerizing musical performances, and immersive installations will take place at New York City’s prestigious Spring Studios.

Attendees can expect to experience the magic of De Niro’s most beloved films, join thought-provoking panel conversations with the actor and his esteemed co-stars, and step into iconic film sets.

“It’s hard to know what to get Bob for his 80th birthday. He’s already got a gold watch, so we decided to celebrate him and his enduring legacy with a fun-filled fan event as well as pay tribute to his unwavering dedication to his films, art and the city he loves.”

Jane Rosenthal

Tribeca Festival Honors Robert De Niro With Key To The City

“De Niro Con” was announced at a private ceremony at Tribeca Grill, celebrating the 2023 Tribeca Festival. New York City Mayor Eric Adams presented Robert De Niro with a key to the city, honoring his activism and support of the arts.

Mayor Adams praised De Niro’s iconic films highlighting De Niro’s extensive filmography, encompassing over 140 movies as an actor, director, and producer, winning two Academy Awards.

The event was attended by notable stars such as Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo, and Martin Scorsese.

“Bob’s a visionary — he saw the potential for massive resurrection of this part of the city. Tribeca Festival is an indomitable institution and a beacon, and Tribeca itself is the most vibrant, alive location. It’s the place to be and will continue to grow. It’s amazing he did all of this without having the keys until now so there’s more to come!”

Martin Scorsese

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event, as the festival runs through June 18th, delivering exceptional entertainment!