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Discover what is tripophobia, an important topic in American Horror Story: Cult

You may not know about this specific phobia, but in the last few years it has been circulating a lot on the internet.

If you’ve followed the promotion of American Horror Story: Cult and you’ve started to itch all over your body to see those little holes of the posters, you probably already know that you share phobia with the lead character of this delivery; you have tripophobia.

AHS cult
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What is tripophobia?

This word is already known at social networks, since in recent years more and more people have realized that they suffer this strange phobia. Those who suffer it feel a strong reaction of disgust to see small holes connected. For example, hives, various types of flowers or those posters that has published FX to advertise the AHS’ seventh season.

The media EW has spoken with psychologist David Austern and he explained that “for many people who suffer from it, it has to do with the visual characteristics of the image. When people see things like this, it triggers a strong emotional reaction. Realize that [the reaction] does not occur if you imagine it; the object has to be present in a visual way”.

What is tripophobia
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Austern cites a study suggesting that 16% of people suffer some level of tripophobia. In addition, he adds that anyone who has a phobia tends to have some more. This is the case of Ally, the lead character of the series, who is also afraid of clowns and closed spaces.

The psychologist says that phobias do not trigger Ally’s hallucinations, “Panic attacks do not tend to end in hallucinations. If someone imagines things that are not there, if they really lose touch with reality, it’s certainly more of a scope of psychosis. ”

Other phobias

In addition to the tripophobia, American Horror Story: Cult will make you discover if you suffer from many more phobias. Here are some of them.


The image of a clown can trigger a lot of different emotions. While they are usually associated with fun or entertaining thoughts, clowns can also be associated with negative images and for some people their presence can be downright scary.

Other phobias
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Coulophobia is the fear of clowns and pampering.

Because this fear is often linked to emotional causes, there is no simple cure for coulophobia. However, there are several treatment methods available for those who are looking to overcome their fears.


Apiphobia is the irrational fear of bees or wasps, or fear of being bitten by them.

This fear can develop in many ways, and it is irrational because bees do not sting humans, except in situations of extreme defense.

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When a bee stings, it dies, and therefore the bees do not usually sting. Of course, they can be very curious and fly around people and, if they feel very threatened, they can resort to this final attack.