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Tumblr Post Points Out Surprising Symbolism In Mulan That You Didn’t Notice

Who knew Mulan was so deep?

While we know Disney usually makes quite straightforward movies. However in recent years, Disney has added a lot of symbolism in their movies. Or they might still be straightforward.

Because we all know how much the Internet likes to read into things where there is nothing. Although, I really think this theory has some weight behind it. You see when one Tumblr user pointed out that Mulan might be the spirit of the Great Dragon.

That got many people thinking so scroll on below to see what this theory is really about.

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I don’t know being more iconic than any marvel movie but I get where this is going. 

iconic than any marvel movie

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I actually never thought about that when watching the movie.

Great stone dragon

Don’t worry dear, not many people knew this. 

Sad Mulan

But you have to admit, Disney really did hint to it a lot. 

Stone dragon eyes

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It’s like they were throwing it in our faces and yet we still couldn’t understand. 

Mushu Mulan

So it really is surprising to finally know this. 

Mulan opened door

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And then another user explained the theory in detail.

The Great Stone Dragon width=

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We all noticed the dragon but just couldn’t put all the pieces together.

Waking up the dragon

Did you already know this? Or was it a big surprise for you like all the rest of us? Comment on below and let us know any other theories about Mulan that you think is true.