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This Tumblr Post Said Moana Is Reverse Of The Little Mermaid And We Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Ever Thing Many Disney Movies Are Kinda Similar?

Well we are here to prove that statement with facts. I am guessing you might have seen The Little Mermaid and Moana. As both of these movies are great and did pretty well with their audiences.

While you were watching Moana, did you ever think that it pretty similar to The Little Mermaid? No well I don’t blame you. However, Moana is exactly the reverse of The Little Mermaid. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry, we can prove it!

The Resemblance Of Both Of The Movies Were Actually Noticed By A Tumblr User intergalactic-ashkenazi With A Keen Eye.

The Daughter Of The Chief Yearn
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“Moana Is The Reverse Of The Little Mermaid.”

So this might seem unlikely at first but trust us, there a lot of resemblance between the two movies. Tumblr users have been drawing many conclusions, some even went as far as to say that there is a lot of resemblance between Moana and Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

However that is a story for another day. This time however the resemblances are also reversed. Let me tell you what I am talking about.

Moana, The Daughter Of The Chief Yearn To Go To The Sea While The Little Mermaid, The Daughter Of A King Wants To Go To The Land.

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The Villain In The Little Mermaid Is Big Scary Lady, While There Is A Big Scary Lady Villain In Moana Who Turns Out To Be Good.

Main Protagonist Has A Necklace
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In Moana, The Main Protagonist Has A Necklace With A Green Stone With A Spiral On It, While In The Little Mermaid, The Villain Also Has A Necklace With A Spiral On It.

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In Moana, There Is A Big Evil Crab, While There Is A Small Good Crab In The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid
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The Little Mermaid Sings On A Rock, While Moana Is Sung To By The Rock.

Resemblances That The Tumblr User Graciously Listed
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There Are Many More Resemblances That The Tumblr User Graciously Listed In Their Post.