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These Tumblr Posts About Pokemon With Actual References Will Change The Way You Look At Everything

“Gotta catch em all. Pokemon!”

To all the Pokemon fans reading this right now, this is just the thing you need to see today. We have compiled some of the hilarious Tumblr posts for you with actual Pokemon references that only YOU can understand.

Millennials! Put your Pokemon knowledge of all these years to test, and enjoy these following hilarious posts!


Wearing slippers to work

This is literally the end.

“It’s ya boy Guzma”

This is the most hilarious post I have ever seen in my entire life. (Absolute favorite)

Oh my!

Misty 1 – 0 Gary

Oh my Lord. I didn’t even notice this. EVER!

And that’s when the Pokemon trainer realized that something here just isn’t right…

Who remembers this?


Why is this so funny? (The most accurate caption ever) Oh my God.

Well played.

Pokemon at it’s best.

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