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10+ Of Our Favorite TV Characters Re-Imagined As Superheroes

Who doesn’t want to wear underwear over their clothes?

I mean, it is the first sign that you are a real superhero at least when you look at all the male superheroes. I honestly have no idea what the fascination with wearing underwear over your clothes is. Anyway, we are getting off topic here.

Today we are here to see our favorite TV characters transform into superheroes. Maybe these characters are already superheroes, and we just don’t know yet. I mean, many of us love living a double life. (Just look at Miley Cyrus for a second.)

This list has it all, from Walking Dead characters to Rick and Morty. Our world will never be safe again… Or was it the other way around?

#1 F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Via Deviant Art/@RocketDave

I never noticed, but Monica really does look like Wonder Woman from the comics. At least the black hair.

#2 Spongebob Squarepants. 

Via Mental Floss

They are already superheroes in my books.

#3 Breaking Bad. 

Via Know Your Meme

Who knew they could get any cooler?

#4 Rescue Rangers.

Via Deviant Art/@AmyDrewThat

Tony Stark, beware!

#5 The Big Bang Theory. 

Via Global Geek News

Bazinga, indeed! And when did Sheldon get so ripped?

#6 Rick and Morty.

Via WeRandom

I think they will do more harm than good.

#7 The Scooby-Doo Show. 

Via Women You Should Know

These characters already have it all. They just needed a superhero costume!

#8 How I Met Your Mother. 

Via  Live For Film

We might get to see this dream turn into reality someday.

#9 Stranger Things. 

Via The Chive

It seems he had a secret.

#10 Family Guy. 

Via Deviant Art/@AmyDrewThat

Even Deadpool is here!

#11 Futurama.

Via Deviant Art/@KameLeon84

What is that Green thing!? The Cthulhu monster, perhaps?

#12 American Dad. 

Via Deviant Art/@Kameleon84

Love the Aqua-Man.

#13 Community. 

Via Geek Tyrant

In another life maybe.

#14 The Walking Dead. 

Via Roamers And Lurkers

Is anyone really surprised to see this?

#15 Ren and Stimpy. 

Via Mental Floss

The Gotham City of this alternate universe will probably be in chaos.