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10+ Tweets About Pixar Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood (Seriously!)


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Pixar, you clever beast!

Apart from making some of the best memories of our childhood (and adulthood), the people at Pixar have stuffed the movie with so much of thought that it’ll make your head spin if you looked closely at them.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Tweets below!

1. That’s Actually Kinda Impressive!

That's Actually Kinda Impressive

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3.  Hey! We Grew Up Believing That Headlights = Eyes!

We Grew Up Believing That Headlights

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4. Terminator: Rise of The Machines?


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5. He Has a Fair Point!

He Has a Fair Point

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6.  *Shudders With Joy*

Shudders With Joy

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7. We’d Take the Chance Too!

We'd Take the Chance Too

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8. That’s a Sweet Plot Right There!

That's a Sweet Plot Right There

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9. Erm…True!


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10. HOW ABOUT NO!!!!


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11. Wendy’s Guy Got No Chill!

Wendy's Guy Got No Chill

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12. He’s a Kid, TBH! #JusticeforSid

He's a Kid

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13. Behave, Rat!

Behave, Rat

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14. FTW!!!!


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15. That’s Just Plain Sad!

That's Just Plain Sad

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16. I Disagree, Kind Sir!

I Disagree

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17. That’s Just Plain Mean! *Wipes Tears Off*

That's Just Plain Mean

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18.  Preps CV!

Preps CV

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Ever notice any such dramatic things in a Pixar movie before?

Share your findings with us in the comments below!