10+ Hilarious Spot-On Reactions From Twitter To The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

All of the past movies has lead to THIS!

I am sure many of us have been waiting for Avengers: Infinity War. And while we are gonna have to wait a little bit longer for the movie. The trailer is here and people have some mixed emotions.

Don’t get me wrong the trailer looks awesome but after sitting through hours of Marvel movies we were expecting more? I am sure this wish will come true when the movie come out. Until then we have these spot-on reactions to the trailer to hold us over.

#1 And he got more handsome.

#2 I know how you feel.

#3 It’s more dusty pink no?

#4 Been ready for this for ages.

#5 Don’t think I’m happy with the order.

#6 One Direction in their senior years.

#7 Maybe he lost one over the summer?

#8 They do not look happy to meet each other.

#9 Maybe he is going to defeat him with his sarcastic wit?

#10 Yup, Looks much more scary.

#11 Just Steve Rogers!?

#12 True dat!

#13 I know how you feel.

#14 Meh, He can kill him. I am not ready to sacrifice myself.

#15 Finally!

#16 So not much change then?

#17 She is an important part of the team!

#18 The peace and quiet…

#19 That is totally how i feel.

#20 I’m Not Emotional AT ALL!