10+ Surprising And Weirdly Specific Things You’re Not Allowed To Do At Disneyland

Some make perfect sense and some are a little weird.

Take a look at the sampling of Disneyland’s Dos and Don’ts below.

This One May be Specific, But it Makes Plenty of Sense

But it Makes Plenty of Sense

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An errant drone could hit a park guest in the head, interfere with a ride, or be part of a much more sinister plot against the park. People tend to get freaked out when they’re being watched, which isn’t how Disney wants their guests to feel.

First of All, it’s a Little Creepy

it's a Little Creepy

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Secondly, they don’t want other guests thinking that some guy is a park employee just because he decided to wear an Aladdin outfit to the theme park. Finally, a costume makes you harder to spot and identify if something goes down. Makes sense, right?

They’ve Got Plenty Already!

They've Got Plenty Already

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You don’t want to give people the ability to toss open a chair in the middle of a crowded walkway. The park has lots of chairs. Use one that they provide. If not, you’re probably turning a walkway into a bottleneck.

Political Expressions and Rallies aren’t Really Part of the Full Disney Experience

Full Disney Experience

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Take your love of Bernie Sanders to a more appropriate venue. The “Happiest Place on Earth” doesn’t involve chants for political affiliations. Things could get ugly quickly.

Even a Deflated Balloon (And Straws) Aren’t Allowed in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom
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They’re choking hazards for the animals. They also float away and pop, leaving trash in very hard-to-reach places. For a park that prides itself on cleanliness, that’s a problem.

Have You Ever Been to a Really Crowded Place Like an Outdoor Mall or a Parade Where People Have Their Animals on Leashes?

Animals on Leashes

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They make life hell for everyone trying to walk nearby them. It’s no wonder Disneyland bans non-service animals. For good measure, keep your kids off leashes, too.



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Again, safety, and common sense sort of dictate this policy. There are lots of reasons why people shouldn’t be concealing their identities in crowded public places. It’s almost a question of manners as much as safety, too.

How Large is “Large?” If You Have to Ask, it’s Probably Too Large

Probably Too Large

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This is also likely done to curb commercial photography on-site. Disney likes to take their own pics, thankyouverymuch. Also, they don’t want their park turned into improvised movie sets. Too much liability and hassle.

It’s Disneyland, Folks. Not an Oakland Raiders Game


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This is a no-brainer. There are kids around. Take your trashy language elsewhere. If you’re going to curse, do it like a Disney character would and just make up some gibberish.

Sure, YOUR Idea of the Happiest Place on Earth Might include Free-Flowing Booze…….But..

Free-Flowing Booze

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But it’s a liability that’s hard to control and can hamper the family-friendly atmosphere. There are select places where you can grab an adult beverage, but don’t count on it. Disney parks are bad places to drink on purpose. Soak up the magic instead.

Wanna get extreme? How About No?

Wanna get extreme

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Go somewhere else. I’m sure rollerblades, those exploding hoverboards, and Segways are banned, too. It screws up the flow of pedestrian traffic and can lead to many ankle-smashings.

That’s Six Flags Behavior, Folks. At Disneyland, They’re Just a Little Classier

Little Classier

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We’ve all seen theme park people get a little…rustic in their style of dress. Not at Disneyland. Shirts, shoes, the whole nine.



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Weapons hurt people. In fact, they’re made to hurt people efficiently. That’s NOT what the Mouse is about!

If You Have One of Those Limousine Strollers for Your Septuplets, You Might Need to Break the Kids Up into Smaller Vehicles

Smaller Vehicles

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Again, this goes to circulation and crowd control. The bigger your stuff, the less room there is for movement, which hampers everyone’s experience. Keep your strollers nice and tiny, please.

When Half the People are Posing for Selfies or Looking at Maps, People Sprinting Around the Park are Liabilities

People Sprinting Around the Park

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These might be a little obvious, but you get the idea. This isn’t a gym. Running people are both hard to catch and in danger of hurting themselves and others. Don’t run at Disney. Even if you’re excited.

The Lighting Will be Ample

The Lighting Will be Ample

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We promise. And if it’s too dark, it’s dark for a reason, and your flash is ruining the experience for others.

Yup. The Young Ones Don’t Need to See That Naked Lady Tattoo You Got in Thailand Two Years Ago

Naked Lady Tattoo

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How about just “Don’t be inappropriate?” With your tattoos, your language, your clothes, or anything else. You’ll want to cover up that profane slogan on your arm (Perhaps always).

We’re Sure Your Precocious Little Toddler Would Like Nothing More Than to Feed Chewing Gum to the Goats and Chickens But…NO!

Goats and Chickens

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Disney would like to remind you that the animals are very well-fed in an official and closely monitored capacity. This one doesn’t just impact other people. You could really hurt these animals by feeding them junk.

There are Public Safety Concerns With Bombs and Such

Public Safety Concerns With Bombs

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There’s also the fact that it’s a crowded place, and these things take up precious real estate. You’ll definitely see themes running among all these rules.

It’s Not 1960!

It's Not 1960

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You’ll have to suck down a smoke away from the public. It gives the park a seedy feeling that doesn’t jive well with what they’re going for.

Glass Shatters Into Sharp Pieces When Broken. Why Take the Risk?

Glass Shatters

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Pack that baby food into plastic ware, people! With this many people and tumbling, falling toddlers things could get dicey? Glass on the ground could be a real danger.

Disney Didn’t Drop All This Money on Their Park to Make the Perfect Set for Your Student Film or Web Series

Disney Didn't Drop All This Money

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Filming’s disruptive, and the right to shoot isn’t included in your ticket price. This harkens back to the “no large tripods” rule. Take pics, be reasonable. Don’t shoot your pilot here. You probably can legally, but it will cost you an arm and a leg!

This Isn’t Obvious, But it Makes Sense

But it Makes Sense

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A) They don’t want your hands up in the air and your face buried in a screen, B) Your phone WILL fly out of your hands, and C) They don’t want you posting the roller coaster experience on YouTube, ruining it for potential guests.

It’s Easy to See Why This Would be a Sensitive Issue!

Sensitive Issue

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No one wants to sit around in a line for two hours, only to have three kids climbing over ropes and turnstiles to get in ahead of them. So if you’re holding a spot, you’re going to have to hang back until the people in your party behind you catch up.

So now you know WHAT NOT to do at Disney Parks.

So, you know, DON’T!