Welcome to Hogwarts in Real Life

Live as Harry Potter

At the College of Wizardry in Poland, Czocha Castle is offered up as an opportunity to live-out your childhood fantasy of attending Hogwarts. Although the castle isn’t as magnificent as the one in the books and movies, it still has that magical vibe about it.

College of Wizardry in Poland

How it works is you attend and live at the castle for four days. A variety of Harry Potter activities are included in the package such as house sorting, wizard classes, meeting magical creatures, a welcome ball, and more. If you really want a full experience the company even offers things like, “The Challenge” and the, “Winter Banquet” to add onto your package.

If you are worried about whether or not it will be a holiday spent struggling to understand Polish- don’t worry because the experience is in English. However, the staff members usually speak other languages so it isn’t closed off to non-English speakers.

non-English speakers

Furthermore, while Hogwarts invites you to attend their school of wizardry at the ripe age of 12, you must be least 18 to attend this College of Wizardry.

The whole experience is LARP. For those of you who don’t know much about what LARPing is, it stands for Live Action Role Play.

After reading a few reviews about this place it almost seems unreal. Many happy customers say it is well worth the price and journey to be there and most even say they would return again.

Everyone who attends is encouraged to dress up to fit whatever character they wish to LARP as whether that be a student, teacher, or head master. Personally, I think being a headmaster would be pretty awesome.

With all that the package includes this college gives you as a close a chance to enjoy the real Hogwarts as any muggle could hope to get. Thus, pack your bags, reserve a ticket, and maybe even bring a friend along to live a life of magic and nostalgia in Poland’s beautiful and mystical Czocha Castle. Cheers!

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