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Woman Tweets A 2008 Trivial Pursuit Question That Predicted The Future

I smell a conspiracy.

Let’s go back to the innocent years of 2008. Where people were much nicer and when Ben Affleck’s Batman didn’t exist. Wait What? Well, you see people seem to hate the direction Ben Affleck has taken the caped crusader too. Which I don’t really dislike but each to his own.

So when a writer S.E. Sinkhorn posted a tweet with the 2008 trivial pursuit question. It seems innocent enough asking people “Who has never been Batman?”. That is until you read the options.

Why did the game had to go and give Movie executives the idea to hire Ben Affleck as Batman?

Twitter users are understandably very upset. 

People just couldn’t give him a break.

Nobody has the answer to that.

Been not ‘played’.

I agree wholly.

Very safe to say.

Bruce Wayne? Never heard of him.

The world would be a much better place if it wasn’t.

It goes deep


There was also a similar question in an edition of Cranium.

So is this all a conspiracy? Or are we reading too much into a simple question?