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Chief Presenter Yalda Hakim Quits BBC For Lead World News Role At Sky News

BBC Anchor Yalda Hakim Quits For Rival Sky News

BBC News journalist Yalda Hakim’s unexpected departure is making headlines as she bids farewell to her recently acquired prestigious position as the chief presenter on the UK broadcaster’s rolling news channel. Just four months after her promotion to the sought-after position, Hakim is making a switch to Sky News, where she will take on the lead world news presenter role, hosting a primetime show for the channel owned by Comcast.

Yalda Hakim Joins Sky News as Lead Presenter, Raises Eyebrows at BBC

Source: BBC News

Yalda Hakim’s decision to join Sky News as the lead world news presenter has sparked interest at the BBC, as she was recently appointed as one of five chief presenters on the newly-merged BBC News channel.

Her departure from the BBC opens up an opportunity for one of the female presenters currently in limbo after the merger. Maryam Moshiri will take over Hakim’s duties on The Daily Global show.

Source: BBC

Amidst the treatment of women in BBC News, there is growing anger and questions about the amount of money being wasted while senior anchors remain sidelined. Some estimates suggest that the costs could be significant.

Yalda Hakim Speaks About Sky News And Her Commitment To Being Part Of Their Accomplished News Team

Source: BBC News

“I have long admired Sky for its smart, fearless and world-class reporting. At a time when global media must work harder than ever to earn the confidence of our viewers, I look forward to giving my all as part of one of the most talented and accomplished news teams anywhere.”

Yalda Hakim