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NBC Drops The Curtain: ‘Young Rock’ And ‘Grand Crew’ Meet Their Demise

NBC Cancels 'Young Rock' And 'Grand Crew'

In a disappointing turn of events, NBC has decided to cancel two of its promising television series, “Young Rock” and “Grand Crew.” The news came as a surprise to fans who had eagerly followed the shows, which offered unique and engaging storylines.

Despite their potential, both shows have met an untimely end, leaving viewers and cast members disappointed.

NBC Pulls the Plug on “Young Rock”: The Rise and Fall of Dwayne Johnson’s TV Series

NBC has made the tough call to cancel the television series “Young Rock,” which showcased the incredible life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Starring Johnson himself and a talented ensemble cast, including Joseph Lee Anderson, Stacey Leilua, Ana Tuisila, Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, Uli Latukefu, Fasitua Amosa, John Tui, and Matthew Willig, the show delved into the early years of the legendary entertainer.

Co-created by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang, and executive produced by Johnson, Dany Garcia, Jennifer Carreras, Hiram Garcia, and Brian Gewirtz, “Young Rock” aired its final season in February. The series was a joint production between Universal Television, Seven Bucks Productions, and Fierce Baby Productions.

“Grand Crew”: A Comedy Toast to Friendship

‘Grand Crew’ was a delightful hangout comedy that followed a tight-knit group of Black friends in their 30s as they navigated life, love, and laughter at their beloved wine bar in Los Angeles. Starring Nicole Byer, Echo Kellum, Carl Tart, Justin Cunningham, Grasie Mercedes, and Maya Lynne Robinson, the series brought genuine moments of joy.

Premiering in December 2021 and concluding its second season in April, “Grand Crew” was created by Phil Augusta Jackson and executive produced by Dan Goor. Produced by Universal Television, the show delivered humor and heart. Unfortunately, NBC has decided to cancel the series, bidding farewell to this delightful comedy.

As fans mourn the cancellation of these shows, there is still uncertainty surrounding the fate of another NBC series, “American Auto,” which has completed two seasons but awaits a renewal or cancellation decision.