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A Surprise Sequel For Freaky Friday Is In The Works At Disney

Freaky Friday is a film that crosses generations, and people who were not even born when it was released have seen it. While it may not be the best film ever made in Hollywood, it does have a certain nostalgic quality that people adore.

That’s why it was always so surprising that there was no sequel. However, that is about to change, according to Disney’s words. While there has been no official confirmation, we are confident that original cast members Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis will return.

Elyse Hollander is working on the sequel’s script.

There isn’t much known about this highly anticipated sequel except that it is undoubtedly in the works. We hope to learn more about whether or not all of the other actors will return for this film as time passes.

We’re particularly curious whether Mark Harmon will return, as he married Curtis’ character at the end of the first film. However, Freaky Friday was more importantly all about the mother-daughter relationship. Even if no other actors return, Linday Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis should be able to pull off a flawless sequel.

It’s the ideal time for a Freaky Friday sequel.

Not only has the film’s 20th anniversary passed, but with the Oscar win for the hit film Everything Everywhere All At Once that Jamie Lee Curtis possesses and Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting, now is the ideal time to revisit the body-swapping story.

While we don’t know what this film is about, we do know that it will feature some body-swapping chaos, though the exact story beat is unknown at this time.