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The Flash Is Getting A Lot Of Hype Because Of Tom Cruise’s Glowing Review

When it comes to releasing films that people enjoy, DC has been in a rut. It’s not that they’ve never made a good film, but the errors have begun to pile up, and audiences are tired of giving them second chances.

That is why the film Flash is such a significant event in the DC universe. After all, it’s the end of the universe before James Gunn reboots this franchise. While audiences were somewhat excited about this new film, one review has catapulted it to the top of everyone’s list.

Tom Cruise got to see The Flash early.

Nobody expected Tom Cruise to request an early screening of the film, but his request was quickly granted. And, despite the fact that he has never been associated with any superhero films, his glowing words cannot be ignored.

It’s no surprise that his name carries a lot of weight after the blockbuster success of Top Gun: Maverick. Many in the industry even went so far as to say he saved the industry, particularly after the pandemic.

Tom Cruise gushed about the movie with the director Andy Muschietti.

He reportedly called it one of the best superhero movies he’s ever seen, which is unfathomable praise for an actor whose name is currently on everyone’s lips. DC has struggled in the past with marketing, so it may be prudent for them to rely heavily on Tom Cruise’s word to propel the publicity for this film forward.

However, audiences will not know what this film is about until it is released on June 16th. Although Tom Cruise is a fan, we still don’t know what the critics and fans of DC will think.