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Adele Is Tired Of Fans Throwing Stuff At The Artist In Concerts And Fires Back


Nobody enjoys being pelted with objects, even if the other party’s intentions are good. Adele believes the same thing. I am sure we have all seen artists being pelted with clothes and even water while singing onstage, and it does not appear to be a good time. They are not only being disrupted but they may also be injured. This is not hyperbole, as many artists have recently been seriously injured as a result of things their supposed “fans” have thrown at them.

Only last month, Bebe Rexha was seriously injured after being hit with a cell phone, and Pink was left speechless after someone threw their mother’s ashes at her. All she could say was that she didn’t know how she felt about anything. Adele, for one, is sick and tired of this phenomenon and responded in her concert.


Adele challenged her fans to throw anything at her while holding a t-shirt canon.

Have you noticed how people are like, forgettinghow to show etiquette at the moment? People just throwing stuff on stage, have you seen them? I dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I’ll k*ll you. Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot things to people. It’s a total reverse. I’ve been seeing these people. These people lost it, can you imagine?

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While this type of behaviour has been around for a long time, there has been an increase, which could be attributed to social media or an artist taking it in stride. It’s possible that fans are becoming even more daring than before. As we all know, some fans do not even see their favourite celebrities as humans, so it is unsurprising that they would throw objects at them while the celebrity in question is attempting to entertain their fans.