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Tom Cruise Will Be Going To The Theater To Watch The Double Feature ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie’


It makes no sense to put the words “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” in the same sentence, but here we are. The only thing that connects these two vastly different films is that they will be released in the same week. It’s no surprise that Tom Cruise wants to see these two films in theatres on their opening weekend.

Only recently, he was the reason why so many people went to see Top Gun: Maverick, and it appears that this new trend will continue, as he has always enjoyed watching movies in theatres.


Oppenheimer and Barbie will face off at the box office.

I want to see both Barbie and Oppenheimer. I’ll see them opening weekend. Friday I’ll see Oppenheimer first and then Barbie on Saturday. I grew up seeing movies on the big screen. That’s how I make them, and I like that experience; it’s immersive, and to have that as a community and an industry, it’s important. I still go the movies.

This summer is full of amazing movies to see in theaters. Congratulations, Harrison Ford, on 40 years of Indy and one of the most iconic characters in history. I love a double feature, and it doesn’t get more explosive (or more pink) than one with Oppenheimer and Barbie

Tom Cruise

Both of these highly anticipated films will be released in theatres on July 21, which isn’t a long time. As a result, many more people may follow Tom Cruise’s lead and watch the double feature in one day.