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10+ Adorable Disney Earrings For Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Disney

Who wouldn’t want these amazing Disney-inspired earrings?

I mean I know I want all of them. As, I have to say the people behind these earrings are seriously very creative and deserve some kind of prize. From duct tape earrings to half bitten apples, we have everything a Disney enthusiast could ever want.

You might want to check your wallet. Because theses might not be very expensive, when you start buying all of them it adds up. And we are sure you are not going to want to leave a single one out of your collection. (What do you mean you don’t have a collection?)

#1 Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings.

Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Via etsy

KearcyDesigns/Etsy – $20

#2 Beauty and the Beast Lobe Earrings.

Beauty and the Beast Lobe Earrings
Via etsy

TinyClayStudio/Etsy – about $21

#3 Ariel Fimo Earrings.

Ariel Fimo Earrings
Via etsy

TinyClayStudio/Etsy – about $18

#4 Minnie Mouse Bow Dangle Earrings.

Minnie Mouse Bow Dangle Earrings
Via etsy

HokeyDonut/Etsy – $16

#5 Snow White Apple Stud Earrings.

Snow White Apple Stud Earrings
Via etsy

AOSDESIGN/Etsy – $15

#6 Duct Tape Vintage Disney Princess Earrings.

Duct Tape Vintage Disney Princess Earrings
Via etsy

BearandbeeFinery/Etsy – $4

#7 Ariel Kawaii Stud Earrings.

Ariel Kawaii Stud Earrings
Via etsy

zerocalorieitalia/Etsy – about $12

#8 Frozen’s Olaf Earrings.

Frozen’s Olaf Earrings
Via etsy

GloMosShop/Etsy – $3

#9 Mulan Dangle Earrings.

Mulan Dangle Earrings
Via etsy

NerdyDesigner/Etsy – $15

#10 Princess Jasmine Earrings.

Princess Jasmine Earrings
Via etsy

NerdyDesigner/Etsy– $11

#11 Pocahontas-Inspired Earrings.

Pocahontas-Inspired Earrings
Via etsy

NerdyDesigner/Etsy – $15

#12 Rapunzel and Pascal Chibi Earrings.

Rapunzel and Pascal Chibi Earrings
Via etsy

BrunaZassou/Etsy – about $19

#13 Elsa and Anna Cameo Earrings.

Elsa and Anna Cameo Earrings
Via etsy


#14 Rapunzel’s Cast Iron Pan Earrings.

Rapunzel’s Cast Iron Pan Earrings
Via etsy

SetFreeDesign/Etsy – $10

#15 Alice in Wonderland Earrings.

Alice in Wonderland Earrings
Via etsy

GiundaCreazioni/Etsy – $23

#16 Snow White’s Queen and Her Mirror Earrings.

Snow White’s Queen and Her Mirror Earrings
Via etsy

GiundaCreazioni/Etsy – $20

#17 Tiana’s Dress Earrings.

Tiana’s Dress Earrings
Via etsy

NerdyDesigner/Etsy – $15

#18 Princess Jasmine’s Earrings.

Princess Jasmine’s Earrings
Via etsy

NerdyDesigner/Etsy -$25

#19 Beauty and the Beast Earrings.

Beauty and the Beast Earrings
Via etsy

FandomBoutique/Etsy – $12

#20 Ursula Faux Gauge Earrings.

Ursula Faux Gauge Earrings
Via etsy

TaniaChernova/Etsy – $19

#21 Kawaii Ariel Little Mermaid Earrings.

Kawaii Ariel Little Mermaid Earrings
Via etsy

BrunaZassou/Etsy – about $18

So which one of these are going to be on your Christmas list? One of them or all? Comment on below and let us know!