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Ryan Reynolds Is Voicing ‘Detective Pikachu’ In New Pokémon Movie & It’s Gonna Be Hilarious

We are getting a Pokemon movie.

And it may not be as weird as it sounds. I mean Pokemon might be the largest franchise ever with comics, games, TV shows, toys, animated movies, and even a live touring musical.

So it makes perfect sense that they would want to make a movie. The weirdest thing about this however, is that Ryan Reynolds will be starring as Detective Pikachu. No, I am not making this up.

You see, the movie takes place in the world of Pokemon and tells the story of Smith’s father being kidnapped and Detective Pikachu taking the case.

Pokemon fans however are very curious about this whole movie.

Does it really sound that weird?

Although what fans are sure about is that they want a Deadpool-Pokemon cross-over.

Following is a little teaser trailer that’ll leave you wanting more.

This does mean one thing though, Danny Davito didn’t get the part.

And fans are not happy about that at all.

It is never too late for that!

This fan-made trailer might convince you why Danny Devito should have gotten the part.