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Fast X Star Alan Ritchson Admits Not Having Seen The Whole Fast Saga To Vin Diesel

Alan Ritchson had been cast in Fast X after his success on the ‘Jack Reacher’ streaming series but that doesn’t mean he was a major fan going in. In fact he quite embarrassingly admitted this to Vin Diesel followed by immediate regret on his part. Joining an elite group of actors in one of the biggest action franchises ever, Alan was very excited to film Fast X Part One that came out on May 19th, 2023. Fast X Part Two is scheduled to release in 2025, which means a 2 year wait for eager fans of the Fast saga.

Alan Ritchson has never watched any of the Fast & Furious movies?

In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Alan admitted not having watched any of the previous ‘Fast & Furious’ movies before being offered a part in the franchise apart from seeing the first film when he was in high school. He also shared a storytime of his meeting with Fast saga star Vin Diesel where he told the actor that he had never watched them, regretting the words the minute they came out of his mouth. He said that Diesel was very polite but he can only imagine what was going on in his head, commenting that “He’s spent 20-plus years of his life, this is his baby! I’ve spent a couple years working on Reacher. It’s such a fixture in my life, if somebody was like ‘Thanks for having me on Reacher, man, I haven’t watched any of them,’ I’d be like ‘You’re the stupidest…why would you say that?!’ And this dude is decades in. I’m an idiot.”

“I didn’t watch any other ones, and I let Vin know. I go ‘Hey man, I hadn’t really watched any of ’em. I watched the first one in high school, and now that I got the part I’ve seen them all, and I just love what you’ve been doing with the last two decades.’ And he was like ‘I…thank you. I appreciate that.'”

Alan Ritchson about his encounter with Vin Diesel