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Rock Legend Alice Cooper’s Surprising Idea: A Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Movie Remake

Alice Cooper Suggests Amber Heard Divorce Film Remake To Johnny Depp

In a surprising revelation, rock legend Alice Cooper has proposed an unconventional idea amidst the buzz surrounding Johnny Depp’s 2022 defamation trial against Amber Heard. During an interview, Cooper downplayed the sensational trial, stating it didn’t matter to the band during their tour. However, what caught everyone’s attention was Cooper’s unexpected suggestion: a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard collaboration in remaking a classic film.

Alice Cooper’s Novel Idea: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Reunite for Movie Magic

Alice Cooper has put forward an intriguing proposal for the estranged couple.

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“The best thing I said about the whole thing was, ‘They should do a remake of War of the Roses with Johnny and Amber.’ Who’s not gonna go see that? I’m going to see that! To make it even better, make their lawyers Angie [Jolie] and Brad [Pitt]. All you need is a really funny director, and that’s gonna be a monster hit.”

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Alice Cooper’s Take on the Johnny Depp Trial and Their Recent Tour

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Cooper shared his viewpoint on the Johnny Depp trial, admitting he never watched it, deeming it overblown Hollywood drama. He believed in Johnny’s victory due to support from unusual sources. For Johnny, the trial was just a passing event; he remained focused on their music. Cooper questioned the televised trial, attributing it to their fame.

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