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Artist Illustrated How Elsa Would Look Like If She’s Able To Control Elements Other Than Ice

What if Elsa could control fire rather than ice?

What if Elsa could control fire rather than ice

Now, you might be thinking, does that really make a difference? However, we can clearly see that he clothes and looks were based upon her powers. Because magic totally changes your look right?

Anyway what if she had the power of fire rather than ice? What would she look like? Well think Winx club but without the wings. So are you ready to see a whole new world?

#1 Stella : Light. 


You have to make friends with Stella if you are afraid of the dark. She will probably be an expert in the art of light manipulation.

#2 Aqua : Water. 


Aqua would be quite a calm person. However, that is not to be mistaken with cowardice as she will drown you at a moments notice.

#3 Phoenix : Fire.


Phoenix would be the opposite of Elsa and Aqua. She would also have quite a temper to go with her sometimes unmanageable power.

#4 Flora : Earth.


Flora would be bit more stubborn than other but will always be there when you need her.

#5 Free: Air. 

Free Air

Free would probably be the most care-free person from the bunch. I mean you would be pretty chill too if you were able to fly.