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Elvis: Austin Butler Reveals Tom Hanks’ Sage Advice for Avoiding “Emotional Whiplash”

Austin Butler has revealed the important lesson he learned from his former co-star Tom Hanks while working on the hit biographical film Elvis. Butler, who earned an Oscar nomination for the titular role, told The Times newspaper that he and Hanks enjoyed a dinner together in which Hanks gave him some invaluable advice to avoid “emotional whiplash” within his career.

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What was the advice that Tom Hanks gave Austin Butler?

Austin recently told the outlet that Hanks, who played Colonel Tom Parker in the hit movie, had lots to say in terms of career advice that the former found very helpful. Hanks stated that Butler may suffer from “emotional whiplash” if he abruptly stops working on the highly-immersive role of Elvis Presley, expressing that it would be better for his mental health to jump quickly into another high caliber project after wrapping up on Elvis. After this, the older actor offered him a part in a project he was producing himself!

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“[Hanks] said, ‘You have immersed yourself so deeply in Elvis that, for your mental health, it would be wise to go straight into something else. If you just jump off the train, you might have emotional whiplash… And, you know I’ve got this thing I’m producing.’”

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What projects did Austin Butler star in after ‘Elvis’?

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Butler ended up taking Hanks advice and so a leading role in the upcoming series Masters of the Air, which is set in World War II and produced by Hanks and Steven Spielberg, ended up in his hands. The series serves as the third installment in the Second World War-centric trilogy, following the well-received productions Band of Brothers (2007) and The Pacific (2010). The actor will also be featured in the second Dune movie later this year, appearing gloriously bald headed! Notably, he was previously nominated for an Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe prize for playing the role of Elvis, for which he extensively prepared for over two years.