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10+ Illustrations Of Avengers Re-Imagined As Adorable Cats

You know what would make the Avengers better?

If everyone in it was a cat, I mean, can anyone even dispute that? However, I have messaged Marvel many times, but they have yet to respond. So talented artists are here to rescue us once again.

If you are in the mood to chuckle, you have come to the right place. Rather than searching for every individual Avengers character, we have done all the work for you. So scroll on below and take a look at these feline avengers.

Source: themarysue

#1 Is that a spider web or its own fur? 

#2 Captain America is quite impressed with MODOK. 

#3 Why so slouchy? 

#4 Even Galactus gets hangry. 

#5 Kitty pride and Lockheed are here to save you. 

#6 Here yet again. 

#7 Mystique in her natural form. 

#8 Aw, Hulk might have eaten too much.

#9 When did Thor get so old? 

#10 I wasn’t aware that Luke Cage was entirely invincible from bullets. 

#11 Venom doesn’t always choose who he infects. 

#12 Galactus just wants to play ball with Earth. 

#13 Doop has never looked so adorable. 

#14 Who is he punishing this time? 

#15 Miss Marvel just posing for a shoot. 

#16 The horns are a nice touch. 

#17 Is Wolverine angry with Professor X? 

Do you think the artists did these characters justice? Which one of these did you find the most adorable? Comment down and let us know.